Received my Teego and if you were here I would hug you.Training for LongDrive,I was looking for something I was missing and I have found it.I have a large driving net in my backyard, so outback we went.After lining up the oversized BrushTee with the arm on the Teego,I lined my self up and tapped the release button and away we went,one ball after another.Never had to stop except to line up the shot and swing.After hitting all 50 balls,I was like,"that was easy enough".Next I loaded Teego again with the 50 balls and took my stop watch to see how long it took to hit all 50 balls with a good swing without stopping.I started the watch,tapped the release and here we go.After the last ball was hit, I stopped the watch and looked at the time it took.I was shocked that to hit 50 balls only took a little over 5 and 1/2 minutes and I wasnt pushing the issue.I'm thinking somewhere around 7 seconds a ball,I'm in hitters heaven now.Next I'm loading TeeGo with a 100 balls.A big part of my training is working on swingspeed,lag,release,control and trying different shafts and heads and pounding lots and lots of balls.I would highly suggest this product to any golfer on the planet.I just used mine for the first day and hit 500 balls.So now that I have the TeeGo, I will include it in my training and hit 200 balls a day,5 days a week or 1000 a week give or take.Again Steve,Thanks for such a GREAT PRODUCT.

Tommy Freeman,Austin,Tx
Senior Division-Long Drivers of America


Subject: Former Skeptic

I received a Teego as a gift recently and when I opened it I thought it was not something I'd use. None the less I took it to the range set it up and hit some tee shots, on the first few I would catch myself bending to tee the ball, but after that I was in a groove. I was shocked to find that I had hit over 40 tee shots; normally I hit 10 or less when practicing. The time and effort saved was substantial.

Needless to say I use my Teego regularly and my tee shot consistency has improved allot and my handicap has dropped by 3 points as a direct result.

Finally a training aid that works!

James Walters
San Diego, CA

Subject: Great Gift!

My husband loves the Teego I bought him for father's day, in fact, he wants to buy one for his brother!

Thank you!!

Mary Siegel
Rochester, NY

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