Q. What types of tees can be used with Teego?
A. Teego will work with any kind of golf tee, but it works best with tees that do not move after the ball has been struck. The best tee to use with Teego on grass is the Teego Range Tee, or a rubber tee using the Teego Tee Holder.
Q. How many balls does it hold ?
A. The Teego will hold 80 balls in the spiral magazine and another 70 can be placed in the center storage area for a total of 150 golf balls!
Q. Will the "arm" break easily ?
A. The Teego "arm" is designed to pop off if it's struck by a golf club, however, the arm can be broken if hit hard and directly. The Teego is garaunteed for 1 year, if the arm is broken a replacement will be sent free of charge. After 1 year replacement arms can be purchased for just a few dollars. Changing the arm is very simple and takes just a couple of minutes.
Q. Will it work with extra thick range mats ?
A. Yes, Teego will work out of the box with most mats, however for thick industrial strength range mats the Teego may need to be raised using the Stand Extension Kit
Q. Does the ball stay on the tee every time?
A. Certainly, as long as the tee is not moved significantly after it's initially aligned.
Q. Do I have to use a tee?
A. No. Teego will dispense balls onto the hitting surface very nicely.
Q. Does Teego force me to hit from a mat like other tee-up machines?
A. Not at all. Teego was designed with the flexibility to be used on grass or a standard range mat.
Q. Is it easy to refill?
A. Yes, simply raise the filling sleeve and pour the golf balls in!
Q. Does Teego work as well as an electric powered tee-up mat?
A. Teego works as well if not better, moreover it can be moved for use on natural turf or hitting mats.
Q. Is it easy to clean?
A. Yes, just spray it down with a water hose.
Q. Will the sun/heat exposure damage Teego?
A. Teego is manufactured with UV protection embedded in it's parts, it will withstand considerable sun exposure.
Q. Is it durable?
A. Very much so, it's made from impact resistant polycarbonite plastic, the same material used to make bullet proof "glass".
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